11. & 12. May 2018
We fish from Roklubben i Nexø. See map here
Bornholm's festival of the Garfish is the first of its kind, taking place on the island's beautiful coastline. Everyone is welcome, whether local or visitors from anywhere. We’d like to meet you all!!

The focus of Bornholm’s festival of the Garfish is on the excellent and exciting fishing opportunities that exist along Bornholm’s magical coastline.
"Our island is a pristine waterfront destination where we focus on sustainable fishing with the all important message: We must protect to use, and we NEVER go home with more than we can eat"
We love to fish, including everything to do with the experience. It is truly a wonderful experience for all, bringing generations together. Our hope is to create an experience you’ll look back on with a ‘smile on your lip’.

There are three categories for the competition: children (0-11 years), junior (12-17 years) and adult (over 18 years). Prizes are awarded for all categories and are generously donated by XXXXXXX. Remember anyone can join with winners drawn on both days. Remember: If you’re between 18 and 65 years old, you must have a statutory fishing license to participate. Purchase the relevant fishing license here posthouses, Destinationbornholm or online here.

The location of the competition will be announced on our website no later than the day before it starts. We’re fortunate to be on a relatively small island, so the clever thing is to ensure a location where the wind and weather suit fishing.

However you do have the option to fish anywhere on the island. Just be aware there will be events taking place at the location that you may want to experience during the two days of the competition. For example, Trygfonden will provide a lifeguard to teach children water safety techniques..

Fish will be measured at the location in order to qualify for prizes.

Fishing instructors will also be present to teach interested old and young how to catch these stubborn and fast fish – perhaps one of these instructors will help you land your very first Garfish!

You’ll also have the opportunity to learn something about smoking and tasting this delicious fish with ‘green legs’. We’ll also have bonfires where we’ll brew coffee over an open fire for the adults, and hot chocolate for those who aren’t partial to coffee.

Loan a fishing rod: If you don’t have a fishing rod, you can borrow one. We have a limited number so you may need to share with other delegates, but it’ll still be fun and exciting!

There’ll also be the opportunity to get out on the water and fish out of a dinghy. There’ll be a limited number available, depending on demand – life jackets are mandatory when fishing from dinghies.

Bornholm's festival of the Garfish’s Facebook page is updated every weekend. The page tracks the number of fish caught which allows you to verify whether you qualify for a grand prize – this way you’ll avoid taking home more fish than you can eat.

The fish must be caught on a fishing rod and, of course, the fisher must have caught the fish. (However, it is okay with a little assistance from small children ).

You must be registered prior to the fish being caught.

Remember to print and bring proof of enrolment to the competition.

The fish must be caught on the date between midnight Thursday and 3.30pm Friday.
Fish must be weighed at the judges table by 3.45pm.

The fish must be caught on the date between midnight Friday and 3.30pm Saturday.
Fish must be weighed at the judges table by 3.45pm.

Winners are drawn both days.

Fish must be fished around the island of Bornholm. (however not in conservation streams; Blykobbe stream, Læs stream, Øle stream, Bagge stream, Gyldens stream and Kobbe stream).

You may use bait, fly and/or spinning gear but no fishing tackle and fish must be hooked in front of the gills. Fishing from boats, kayaks, floats, pontoon boats, etc. is permitted.

We’ll regularly update the competition's Facebook page regarding how large the fish must be in order to qualify. This means you can return undersize fish to the water and hence avoid taking more fish home than you can eat.

Good luck!

Catching Garfish is both easy and entertaining! Some even call Garfish the ballet dancer of the sea. Garfish also put up a good fight, providing a challenge for anyone. Excellent as a sea change for all ages, whether a practised or beginner fisherman or woman, the Garfish provides an exciting and popular fishing experience.

Bring your friends, brother, mother, father or grandparents along to Bornholm’s festival of the Garfish on and of May, 2018 and see whether you can win a prize for the longest Garfish.
Make your registration here; and remember, it’s free to join.

Fish bag from Abu Garcia - sponsored by Jesper Schiøtt from Sport Dres
Fishing rod from Ron Thomson - sponsored by Jesper Schiøtt from Sport Dres
Fishing wheel from Shimano - sponsored by Jesper Schiøtt from Sport Dres
12 pcs. 12-hour fishing license for Stenbrudssøen in Nexø - sponsored by Nexø's Edible Fish
One piece. WESTIN spin bar 10-40 grams - sponsored by Check Point Marine at Nexø port
A pair of FLADEN neoprene waders 4 mm - sponsored by Check Point Marine at Nexø port
A DAIWA monster gear bag - sponsored by Check Point Marine at Nexø port
A Keeping Network from the FLAD, a new line for the fishing wheel, knives and pliers as well as the fishing net - sponsored by Team Maritim in Tejn
Great prizes from DC Lures - See them on their Facebook page here
3 gift cards for two persons for a boat trip with Per Sjøstrøm in his boat Verona